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The History of DCR

Updated: Jun 4

On the 4th April, DCR will celebrate its 15th Birthday. Whilst most celebrating this feat will still be discovering who they are, though, our organisation’s beliefs and values are set in stone. We’re dedicated to going the extra mile for each and every one of our customers, as well as ensuring that they can access what they need, when they need it!

Setting standards

The shed where DCR first began offering our services
The shed where it all began

From day one, we wanted to provide each and every one of our customers with a first-class experience. Our devotion to this vision is, we believe, why we’ve evolved from a one-man-band into the proprietors of the UK’s largest fleet of drain cameras and drainage equipment for hire, a drainage superstore, and an advanced service and repair centre. Whilst we initially offered repairs alone, we opened dialogues with our customers. We would listen to the challenges they faced, harnessing our expertise and experience to suggest solutions whenever possible. Already familiar with numerous models of drain camera from multiple manufacturers, we were already well placed to advise clients on what they would need to successfully undertake surveys, etc. As we worked with more varied equipment, our knowledge improved further. Soon, we were able to offer advice on not just drain cameras, but millers, drain repair equipment and more.

The birth of our hire fleet

Offering frequent advice to customers, we noted that they faced a common challenge. Advanced equipment would greatly benefit our clients, but as it would take them a long period to recoup any outlay, they often could not justify the purchase. It was from this idea that our decision to purchase and hire advanced drainage equipment was born.

Drain cameras and hi-tech drainage equipment outside of DCR's drainage superstore
The UK's largest fleet of drain cameras for hire

Moving from our director’s shed into a more substantial premise, our profits were reinvested into the company. A large fleet of drain cameras were purchased and made available for hire. This proved to be extremely popular, and we grew considerably within a short period of time.

Our first store… and our drainage superstore

DCR's drainage superstore in south Wales
Our drainage superstore

Soon, with several customers discovering that more advanced equipment made them significantly more efficient, they wanted to purchase instead of hire. Selling as well as hiring this equipment was a logical step. Shortly after realising this, we opened our first bricks-and-mortar store selling advanced drain cameras and other drainage equipment. This model – focussed on hire, sales, and repair and service – proved successful, with DCR moving to a new premises and opening a large drainage superstore in 2021.

Looking forward

Recently, we launched our new surveying and project consultancy service. Another logical extension of the advice and assistance we’ve provided to clients for several years. We’re incredibly excited about this and can’t wait to help numerous more clients overcome obstacles.

Tailored and consistently excellent service is assured at DCR because it is, and always has been, what makes us who we are!

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