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drain inspection cameras

Here at DCR, our knowledge of drain inspection cameras is absolutely unparalleled.

We’ve been in business for 15 years and in that time we’ve sold, hired out, repaired and serviced thousands of drain cameras. There isn’t a drain, sewer, inspection or borescope camera we haven’t encountered. In short, we really are the drain camera experts!

Having worked with every model of drain camera imaginable, we’ve concluded that the bet models are undoubtedly produced by none other than Minicam. Their inspection systems are reliable, intuitive and customisable.

They offer both pushrod and crawler systems with camera cables that vary in length from 40 to up to 350 metres. Thanks to a range of skids and crawlers, these systems can also be used to inspect pipes from 75mm all the way up to 2,200mm.


All Minicam systems come with reporting software built in. This software, from Wincan and ProPipe, allows operatives to produce reports by entering simple codes for common situations such as a cracked pipes, roots in the pipe, etc. This allows operatives to create reports whilst undertaking inspections, resulting in greater efficiency and profitability.

The Benefits of Drain Inspection Cameras

Drain inspection cameras allow companies to:


  • Undertake more profitable work

  • Find problems, such as blockages or damage, much more quickly

  • Easily analyse the condition of pipes and other underground infrastructure

  • Locate cracks, obstructions, etc. without digging holes

  • Quickly create detailed reports for clients with built-in software (available on some models)

Drain Camera Articles

Our blog has numerous articles that'll help you to choose the right drain camera for your business. Here are a few of our favourites:

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