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London, Manchester, birmingham, South Wales, yorkshire & North-east Hire Collection Points

With 10 separate hire collection points based in England and Wales, it’s easy for DCR’s hire customers to get the kit they need, when they need it! Our customers can collect hire kit from locations in south Wales, London, the Midlands, Yorkshire, Durham, and Manchester. 


For 15 years, our hire fleet has allowed drainage professionals to access the advanced equipment they need without high up-front costs. This has allowed them to provide a broader range of services to their customers, improving their reputations and increasing their profits in the process.


Over time, as our reputation for exceptional equipment and service grew, we began to attract more and more customers from throughout the UK. Opening hire hubs where we could store, maintain and provide our clients with quicker access to our equipment was a logical decision as a result.


To find out more, call us on 01443 841540 or email

Please note that our hire hubs are for the collection of equipment only. When you are finished with this equipment, please contact us directly or complete our hire collection form ( and we will arrange for equipment to be collected and returned to us. 

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