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DCR blends an innovative approach with expertise and determination, developing solutions to our clients’ greatest challenges - all offered on a no solution, no fee basis. To find out more, call 01443 841540 or email today!


Some of the UK’s largest and most prominent organisations have benefited from our consultancy services. Our creative approach allows us to identify unique ways of addressing problems, helping our clients achieve even the most ambitious objectives. When others turn jobs down, DCR turn up!


Having always been willing to go the extra mile for our clients, we consistently advised them on the equipment they would need, the most efficient way to go about a job, etc. Over time, customers began approaching us with more complicated matters, and time and time again we rose to the challenge. We’ve designed strategies, methods and even new equipment for clients.

Man performing an inspection at Rockwool


DCR was asked to help Rockwool find a safe and effective means of surveying a ventilation system in one of their manufacturing hubs. This system was used to vent hot air generated by molten steel, presenting Rockwool with a unique challenge: they needed equipment that could withstand extreme heat and still be used to undertake an in-depth assessment of the system.

Aberystwyth Hydro

Aberystwyth Hydro contacted DCR for assistance surveying a cable arrangement running through holes bored through the landscape. This required surveying equipment that was highly accurate and extremely robust.

Boring Machine
Men in high-visibility clothing inspect a gully

Local Drainage Company

A local drainage company and DCR worked closely with one another in order to locate a collapsed culvert. The assistance of a local diving school was also sought, helping the team rapidly locate the culvert and begin the process of repairing the damage.

National Grid

The Infrastructure that is monitored and maintained by the National Grid is vast and surveying it involves a completely unique approach. DCR have assisted by developing bespoke techniques and methodologies, and providing highly specialised equipment.

An industrial underground setting
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