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Drainage Vans For Sale & Van Kit Outs

Front shot of three specialist drainage, CCTV and jetter vans designed and created by DCR

Whether you’re looking for a ready-made drainage van or to have your own vehicle designed and fully kitted out, DCR has everything you need.

As well as standard features such as monitors, stations, storage, etc. we can also source whatever technology you may require including pushrod and crawler inspection systems, jetters, and much more!

Please call us on 01443 841 540 for more information or to see photos of our previous work 

Drainage Vans Available Immediately

Rear shot of specialist drainage, CCTV and jetter vans designed and created by DCR

We keep a small selection of drainage vans in stock. Already kitted out with everything you’d expect, these vans are available immediately and can either be collected on the same day or delivered to you the next working day.

If required, we can add additional equipment – such as a drain camera, jetter, etc. – to these vans.


Maintaining a large stock of pushrod and crawler systems and more, we can typically fit these and have your van with you in just a few days.

To find out more about our current stock of

drainage vans, contact us on 01443 841540 or

Bespoke Van Kit Outs

Whether you require a drainage, CCTV, jetter, or any other type of van, we can source and fit everything you need – and all for a highly competitive price.

Here, we can add equipment to any van we currently have in stock, or we can find a van that meets your exact needs if required. We can also find and fit a variety of drainage and inspection equipment including:

Additionally, some other common additions to our bespoke drainage van kit outs include:

  • Cables of Up To 500m

  • Mechanised Reels

  • Large Culvert Cradles

  • Jetters

  • Floatation Units

  • Specialised Camera Heads including Pan and Rotate, and Laser-Profiling Models

  • Power Sources and Inverters

  • Monitors

  • Control Units

  • WinCan Software

Please note that the list above is by no means exhaustive. If you require an item and/or feature that is not listed above, please contact us on 01443 841540 or

Rear shot of a CCTV van with its rear door open and a crawler inspection system installed
A drainage inspection van’s work and eyewash station
Rear view of a drainage van containing various pieces of drainage equipment
Interior of a drainage van showing space for a drainage inspection system
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