Drain Cameras For Sale

DCR has a wide range of inspection cameras available for sale, including both brand new and refurbished models.
We maintain a large volume of stock, ensuring that we have various types and makes of drain camera available for sale at all times. Monitoring and checking seasonal trends, we adjust our stock levels accordingly, ensuring the most in-demand items are available when demand is at its highest. Because of this devotion to our customers, we are consistently able to offer better lead times than the manufacturers themselves.


Buy the right drain camera

Buying a drain camera is a big and often daunting decision. Multiple options are available and it can be difficult to work out exactly what model, features, etc. your company will need. Fortunately, with several decades of combined experience, DCR’s sales team are here to help.


Considering your immediate and long-term business objectives, we’ll recommend a camera that’ll both fulfil your immediate needs and help you achieve your ambitions.


To speak to our sales team, call 01443 841540 or email sales@draincamerarepairs.co.uk today!

Mini-Cam SoloPro Inspection Camera System
Mini-Cam Proteus Crawler Camera System
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