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Drain cleaning tools from DCR Inspection Systems

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Drain cleaning tools can be hired and purchased from DCR. We may be known for drain cameras (thanks in no small part to our name!), but we actually offer a huge range of drainage equipment and related services. This post on drain cleaning tools will therefore be the first of many highlighting everything we do that doesn’t concern drain cameras.

What are drain cleaning tools

As their name suggests, drain cleaning tools are used for cleaning the pipes that form drainage systems. Should these become blocked, water can’t drain properly, and this can damage homes. In extreme cases, blockages can be so severe that they damage sewerage systems. What’s more, these blockages are becoming increasingly common – just look at our recent post on fatbergs in the UK.

Drain cleaning tools are designed specifically to remove blockages and return drainage systems to full working order. Because there are various types of blockages as well as differing types and sizes of pipe, though, a wide range of drain cleaning tools are available.

Choosing the right drain cleaning equipment

To choose the right tool, you need to consider the type of blockage and its location. More powerful equipment would be needed to clear stubborn blockages like concrete or congealed fat lodged in a sewer line. A build-up of wet wipes in a residential lateral on the other hand could be cleared with a much smaller and possibly even non-motorised tool.

When clearing more stubborn blockages from a main pipe, you’ll also need to consider what the pipe is made of. Materials such as PVC or clay are more susceptible to damage than cast iron pipes so a device with lower power levels is better when working with more fragile materials. If a high-powered drain cleaner is needed in such a pipe, then a variety of different cleaning heads and tips designed to be used in pipes of all materials are available for Picote’s range of drain cleaning equipment – all of which can be purchased or hired through DCR. If damage is unavoidable, the time-consuming process of replacing the pipe can often be avoided with no-dig pipe repair equipment. Again, this equipment can be hired or purchased from DCR.

Low-powered/residential cleaning tools from DCR

For light blockages in residential settings, a low-powered and manually-powered cleaner should be more than capable of getting the job done. Here are a few options that we have in stock at DCR:

The Drain Blaster

The Drain Blaster clears blockages via a high-pressure injection of water. It’s easy to use and comes with both 70mm and 150mm diameter cups that mean the device can be used on both sinks and toilets without making a mess.

As its name suggests, this tool is capable of reaching 7.6 metres down a pipe - more than enough for any residential property. It is operated manually via a crank shaft and is designed for use in residential kitchens and bathrooms.

Mid-powered drain cleaning tools from DCR

For more stubborn blockages, more powerful drain cleaning machines are needed. These devices are still predominantly used in residential settings, but have the extra power needed to deal with tougher obstructions. DCR has two mid-powered cleaners, both powered by batteries and manufactured by the renowned toolmaker Milwaukee:

Capable of revolving at up to 500 revolutions per minute, this cleaner may be small but it packs a punch! It’s also suitable for use in pipes with diameters of up to 50mm and can also reach depths of more than 7 metres. All this, and it’s also the lightest professional drain cleaner on the market!

With a higher voltage than the M12, the M18 is capable of up to 600 revolutions per minute and can clear tougher build ups than its smaller cousin.

Suitable for pipes with diameters of up to 75mms and with a maximum operating range of 15 metres, this cleaner is more than capable of clearing virtually any residential blockage!

High-powered drain cleaning tools from DCR

Blockages found in main lines are almost always harder to clear than those encountered in residential lines. Made up of the numerous materials that homeowners and businesses put down the drain, they can be comprised of materials such as wet wipes, fat and even concrete. In fact, as our recent post on the UK’s biggest fatbergs shows, these blockages can weigh several tons and be several hundred metres long. That said, tough blockages can be found in residential settings, too, they’re just not going to reach the same proportions.

Wherever the blockage is situated, though, tough materials require powerful solutions and, with that in mind, here are the high-powered, heavy duty drain cleaning machines available from DCR:

Milwaukee MX FUEL Large Sewer Drum Machine

Milwaukee’s heavy-duty drain cleaner is designed for clearing tough blockages such as those described above and even roots. Powered by the same battery technology that’s used in Milwaukee’s fuel-free range of extreme power tools, this drain cleaner is not just powerful but also highly portable. Featuring Milwaukee’s POWERTREDZ technology, it can easily be moved out of vans and up and down stairs in spite of its 60kg weight.

With an operating range of 60 metres and suitable for use in pipes of up to DN200, it’ll make light work of most blockages.

Picote’s range of millers and cleaners

Picote’s selection of millers and cleaners are specialised tools designed for cleaning and clearing the most stubborn blockages from pipes of all materials thanks to a number of specialised attachments. They’re also suitable for a range of pipe sizes, starting at DN32 and going up to DN250, as well as those with multiple 90 degree bends.

In addition to offering exceptional clearing power, Picote’s millers can also be used to descale pipes and even perform lateral reinstatements.

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