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Save money with a Minicam drain inspection camera

Updated: Jun 4

Renowned for their exceptional features, usability and performance, Minicam inspection cameras are revered within the drainage industry. Nothing else on the market offers the same level of

A Minicam SoloPRO+
Organisations can save thousands each year with a Minicam system

functionality and, thanks to built-in and subscription-free reporting software, they can even save you thousands of pounds every year.

All Minicam Camera Control Units (CCUs), come with both ProPIPE and WinCan software pre-installed. These programmes are used to prepare inspection reports and are widely used by drainage companies around the world. Automating large portions of the report creation process, both can improve organisational efficiency to generate value. Whilst greater efficiency alone can make organisations more profitable, though, the inclusion of reporting software all but guarantees immediate and long-term savings.

WinCan and ProPIPE subscriptions cost upwards of £1,000 per annum, but both come pre-installed on Mini

cam inspection units. This software will remain functional as long as the systems remain operational, entirely negating the cost of said subscription.

In effect, this means that the cost of a subscription can be deducted from the cost of a new Minicam system. With a well-maintained system more than capable of lasting several years, these savings could even exceed the cost of a new system. For example, a 60-metre SoloPRO+ Pushrod camera costs £6,375.00 before VAT, meaning that a camera that lasts for six years will effectively pay for itself. And this in-built software can generate further savings, too.

As mentioned previously, both WinCan and ProPIPE automate large portions of the report-creation process. Operatives are able to enter various codes that correspond with common faults, making it much easier, and therefore quicker, to prepare relevant documents.

In-built software also allows operatives to undertake surveys and generate reports simultaneously. When software is stored on a PC or similar device operatives would first need to underta

ke a survey, physically access the device and upload their footage to it before producing their report. Being able to complete this work on site means that operatives can spend less time travelling and more time surveying. In fact, with Minicam’s systems being Wi-Fi enabled, it’s even possible for reports to be shared within seconds of them having been completed!

In short, Minicam inspection systems can quickly repay any investment; firstly by saving organisations money against the cost of software subscriptions and, secondly, by delivering more efficient practice.

Click here to view all Minicam systems available to purchase at DCR. You can also view all of the Minicam drain cameras we have on our hire fleet here.

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The Minicam drain inspection camera has been a game-changer for Plumber Weston FL company. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the high-resolution images make it easy to quickly identify blockages and other issues. The compact design allows us to navigate through tight spaces effortlessly.

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