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Why you’ll now find drainage vans in stock at DCR

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Drainage, jetter and CCTV vans are some of the most important tools in a drainage professional's arsenal. They serve as mobile offices allowing operatives to create reports on the road. They’re also used to transport inspection, cleaning and other bulky equipment. A drainage van also makes it clear that your company is well equipped and capable. All in all, the benefits of a kitted-out van are too many to list – and that’s why their recent scarcity has negatively impacted so many drainage businesses.

As a result of a shortage of various electrical components, lead times for all vehicles have increased significantly in recent months, and this is particularly true of professional and trade vehicles like vans. This has seen companies in need of drainage vans purchase second-hand vehicles and convert them into drainage vans, accepting the financial losses they will likely suffer in the long-term in order to maintain immediate profitability. It’s a less than ideal but necessary course of action – but DCR has found the solution!

Three drainage vans in a row
You'll now find drainage, jetter and CCTV vans in stock at DCR

We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to make it easy for our customers to access the equipment they need whenever they need it. This is why we started scouring a variety of sources to find and purchasing suitable vans before converting them into specialized vehicles for the drainage sector. Adding the key features you’d expect of all drainage vans – things like power sources and inverters, wash stations, work areas, storage for inspection/jetting equipment, etc. – all of our converted vans can easily be customised to clients’ briefs and meet their exact needs. If a company is more focused on surveying, then we can add pushrod or crawler systems; for those whose business models are focused on clearing drains and pipes, we can add jetting equipment. By completing the majority of the conversion beforehand, the customization process can be completed in mere weeks instead of months – and this is made better by excellent industry relationships that allow us to rapidly source equipment!

Working in an industry where time is always of the essence, lowering lead times has always been one of our key objectives. It’s why we operate three hire collection points: one in south Wales, one in London, and another in Manchester! A speedy service that doesn’t see quality compromised in any way is one of our trademarks – our new approach concerning vehicles for drainage professionals is a logical extension of this.

To find out more about our current stock of drainage, jetter and CCTV vans visit For a video tour, no obligation quote, or if you have questions or anything else, call our sales team on 01443 841540 or email them at

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