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Refurbished As-New Ibos Revi250 80m Pushrod
System with Hippo 400 Control Unit

- Brand New 80m Fibreglass Rod
- Brand New Centering Skids
- Fully stripped and refitted camera head
- New batteries and case on control unit
- 46mm Self Levelling Camera Head


Revi250 80 metre pushrod

  • Low friction 80 metre rod
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Adjustable brake to control spillage
  • Cleats neatly hold the 10 metre link cable
  • Self levelling camera head assembly
  • Adjustable high-brightness LEDs
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Remotely switched 33Khz sonde
  • Pipe diameters from 100mm to 225mm


Hippo 400 Base Unit

  • 10.4” high brightness daylight viewable screen
  • 20 page on screen text writer and measurement
  • SD video recorder with outputs for USB copying
  • Battery operation with 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Battery charging from 90 to 260V AC and 12v DC car cord



The Revi250 / Hippo 400 pushrod system includes an 80 metre Revi250 pushrod and the reintroduced Hippo 400 base unit.


The pushrod itself includes 80 metres of low-friction rod with a rugged and durable stainless steel frame. An adjustable friction brake allows you to control spillage with cleats that neatly hold the 10 metre link cable. The camera head itself is self-levelling and is equipped with high-brightness LEDs which helps to achieve fantastic picture quality. Also included is a remotely switched 33Khz sonde to aid in locating. Suitable for pipe diameters from 100mm to 225mm.


The Hippo 400 is an all-weather battery powered base unit, providing 6 hours of continuous use on a single, full charge. Also compatible with the Revi450 pushrod, the Hippo 400 boasts a 10.4″ daylight viewable screen, 20 page on-screen text writer, SD card video recorder with USB ports for video copying and can charge from 90-260V AC or a 12V DC car cord.

Revi 250/ Hippo 400- Refurbished

SKU: r250_hippo40
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