Hire prices:


Click here to request a booking. Alternatively, please call us on 01443 841540 or write to hire@draincamerarepairs.co.uk.


£395.00 for 3 days

£420.00 for 4 days

£445.00 for 5 days

£470.00 for 6 days

£495.00 for 7 days


Should you need this product for more than 7 days, please contact us directly on 01443 841540 or hire@draincamerarepairs.co.uk for long-term hire prices. 


Product information:


The Picote Maxi Miller is a highly durable machine capable clearing blocked pipes and drains quickly and safely. Compatible with a variety of attachments, it can also be used to remove collapsed pipe lining, lateral cutting and more. The Maxi Miller also has a range of 100ft.

Picote Maxi Miller