Drain Cleaning and Inspection Vans

Combining an in-depth understanding of every customer’s requirements with our industry knowledge and connections, we design and build bespoke jetter and CCTV vans that meet our client’s exact needs. Our customised vans can include jetting equipment, pushrod systems, crawler systems and more.

To find out more about this service, please call our sales department on 01443 841 540 or email us at sales@draincamerarepairs.co.uk.


Benefits of a drain cleaning and inspection van

Companies using bespoke drain inspection and cleaning vans are able to undertake more varied and advanced work. Having equipment stored in a vehicle simplifies survey work. The ability to generate reports on site also brings about greater efficiency.

What we do

Common features of our bespoke designs include:

  • Built in WinCan software

  • Mechanised cable reels with cable up to 500m

  • Large culvert cradles

  • Zoom pan and rotate heads with 100x optical zoom

  • Crawler camera floatation units

Vans with hire equipment.jpg