• FloodKit® Toilet stopper is a patented product that will prevent flood water entering a downstairs bathroom from an overflowing toilet pan in the event of a flood or if work is being carried out on external pipes that are being jetted to remove blockages in the main sewer.
  • Independently tested to heights  in excess of PAS 1188
  • Designed specifically with flexible sprung loaded mechanisms  to fit different shapes and widths of Toilets
  • FloodKit U bend bags are filled with a special 100% natural, absorbent powdered clay that forms a perfect mould of any shape of U bend when placed in your toilet pan.
  • The strong yet lightweight Aluminium tubes which are fully reusable, will ensure that the moulded bag is held in place to prevent water coming up and overflowing from the toilet pan.
  • Due to the unique properties of the material in the bag it can be simply removed after the flood has receded and disposed of in your household waste.
  • Supplied with 2 U bend bags, with spares available to purchase


View the manufacturers website for more information: FloodKit.co.uk

FloodKit® Toilet Stopper

SKU: SP-0181